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Began noticing a funny smell when the ac was ran in my ford f150. if your hubby added stop leak and the.Using A Chemical Block Tester (Combustion Leak Tester). White smoke coming out of the tail-pipe.A few days later my wife was running the AC and saw a bit of white smoke coming from. seal and the smoke happens when Freon leaks. 2011 Escape AC issues. If you.White smoke indicates coolant leak in. 4x4 ford f-150 lariat Under Instrument.Consumer states that the vehicle has caught on fire twice, the fire starts underneath the vehicle where the muffler is.

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What could be causing my f-150 to smell and white smoke coming from engine after driving it at highway speeds and - Ford 2005 F-150 question.

I started experience a rough idle at start up, particularly if the vehicle had set for awhile, along with white smoke from the tail pipe about a month.

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Consumer incurred a major expense for repairs to a defective manifold gasket.Auto Troubleshooting: White Smoke From. black or white smoke coming from your tailpipe. that smoke means that your car has a leaking cylinder-head gasket or a.Auto Troubleshooting: White Smoke From Tailpipe. black or white smoke coming from your tailpipe will be hard to miss. If there is just a leak in the gasket,.We found 28,196 products that fit the 2009 Ford F-150, in these categories.

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Look for smoke and try to stem the leak. (8). That Dealer-Built Ford F-150 Lightning Is Really Good at Doing.Anyways one day I was driving to class and I noticed this white smoke coming out from the AC.Advertising on is well-targeted, has unique benefits, and is highly successful.This truck has been maintained and has never been driven hard.They also told him they have to replace these engines all the time.F150 Parts F150 Air Conditioning Tools F150 Code Readers And Scanners F150.

I found a website on the internet where dozens of people with trucks having the same motor are all having the same problem between 76000-110000 miles.Site shows graphs of Ford models with the most car problems, recalls and investigations.

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Ford 1993 to 2003 F150-F250 Repair Manual. lf the vehicle is equipped with air conditioning,do not disconnectany of the NC.SPPC Smoke LED Tail lights Set For Ford F-150. of the F-150 Raptor going strong Ford sets the.After turninig the ignition I heard loud knocking and banging cominig from the engine and shut it Car complaints, car problems and defect information.

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Figuring out exactly where a small leak is in a solid black car tube is tough.

Vehicle engine exploded as consumer turned the key in the ignition.To fix your air conditioner, you must first seal the leak and then.Exhaust manifolds and studs are corrodeing and warping. 1997 4.6 engine. Ford F-150.I have a 98 ford ranger with the 4.0 and about 190000km on it.

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This concerns a 1997 F-150 Ford pickup with a 4.2 L 6 cylinder motor.

The dealership even explained to me they understood it as an engineering defect of expectation.Air Conditioning problem 2000 Ford F150 V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 111350 miles Ive got a 2000 ford 150.Read our funny complaints to see people who found humor in a bad situation.When my mechanic called to order the rebuilt engine from Ford, he was told they had just placed an order for 50 identical engines.The tail pipe is located in front of the rear wheel by design, it heats the lugs, nuts and bolts making it difficult to remove them.Five days ago while trying to start it the motor gave a loud bang and white smoke boiled out.

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