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Note: Previous ed.: A checklist of the birds of Arizona. 1964.Ardea Tijdschrift Der Nederlandsche Ornithologische Vereeniging.Archiv Fur Naturgeschichte: zeitschrift fur systematische zoologie.

The publishing nature of these works by Reichenbach is baffling.Aasheesh Pittie has kindly provided (2005.04.15) details from.This title and following data from Steven Gregory, who writes (2003.07.29).

So, either part 6 was published in July (despite it being the.By way of Edward Dickinson I learn that Saunders (1879, Zool.Rec. 16 Aves p.2) indicated.Further investigation suggests that dates for this serial may have only the most.Terza COLUMABE - GALLINAE - GRALLATORES - ANSERES - STRUTHIONES.All these taxa are from suitable localities, visited by Emin, in.American Exchange and mart and household journal, devoted to the.However, since papers were printed piecemeal and copies sent off to authors.CWR (unpubl. notes) indicates Vol. 1 was completed in 1826 and begun in 1824.The animal kingdom arranged in conformity with its organization.

Note: In a letter from CWR to Witmer Stone (1899.06.01) CWR indicates that there is.Note Some numbers are articles reprinted from scientific journals.V.2 of the Annals was issued as a single volume, i.e. not in numbered and separately dated parts.The code of nomenclature and check-list of North American birds.A quarterly journal of science, natural history, and the fine arts.Asiatic Researches, or transactions of the society instituted in.Francolinus sephaena ochrogaster Hartlaub 1882, J. Orn. 30: 327.

August and November 1853, respectively) were first reviewed in.Coverage Vol.1, no.17 (29th Oct. 1964)-V.8, no.30 (7th Nov. 1978).At least at present (2007.05.21) a digitized version of the 1875 reprint of this work can be found here.Whether this last is 1882 or 1883, I think we can assume it is.V.5 of the Annals was issued as a single volume, i.e. not in numbered and separately dated parts.Richmond points out in his unpublished notes on dates of publication.Lichtenstein name Quiscala navicularis can be dated to about Aug. or Sept.Publisher: Tucson, Ariz.: University of Arizona Press, c1981.

Each volume compiled annually but often published bound with other volumes.Actually, it should be a double booklet before numbers 4 and 5.This journal appears to have been used on at least some occasions by Hartlaub as a place where.Title and articles in various languages: Hungarian, German, Italian, English and French.However, there is no proof of this yet, although there are pointers in this.A Complete Bibliography of Publications in Sudho s Archiv: Zeitschrift f ur Wissenschaftsgeschichte Nelson H. F. Beebe University of Utah Department of Mathematics.Cisticola chiniana ladoensis Hartlaub 1882, Abh. Naturw. Ver. Bremen 8:189.

Francolinus sephaena ochrogaster Hartlaub, Beitr. Abh. Naturw. Ver. Bremen 8:218.Nair, P. Thankappan. (Ed.) 2000. Proceedings of the Asiatic Society.Adelaide, S. Aust.: South Australian Ornithological Association.CWR indicates that he has found evidence that the volume containing the.Bob Dowsett writes (2004.03.29) on his investigation of these.

In support of delay past the date specified (1899) is the presence in the bibliographic.It was published before vol. I, Dict.Sci.Nat., which is dated.Berlin, 1989, S. 80-91. 87 chen. Die vorhin von Benjamin als avantgardistisch bezeichnete Variété war in Wirklichkeit eine...

V.3 of the Annals was issued as a single volume, i.e. not in numbered and separately dated parts.Military Orphan Press and copies were transmitted to England for distribution and sale.Ridgway taxa from Auk 15 no.3 July, 1898 noted in footnote p.223.

No. 22 is published in 1906, though evidently has 1905 as an imprint date.Publisher Amsterdam, Nederlandse Jeugdbond voor Natuurstudie.CWR card for Leptoptila fulviventris Lawrence 1882, also indicates.Zimmer p.154 discusses the problem in detail, including details provided by both.Abhandlungen aus dem Staatlichen Museum fur Tierkunde in Dresden.Vol.2, no.12 incorrectly numbered, but really constitutes V.1, no.12.It is also possible that these dates in volume 19 were the dates of submission.

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